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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in Jessica's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
10:28 pm
Rare Chinese genuine pearl pendant necklace
friend: If you like to collect the ancient relic, pleasing pay attention to my item.My item will bring you a lot of fun!!!! This is an excellent design. The design was imbued with artisan's wisdom. He made it with deft hands. Very lifelike!! It is worth of praising the artisan's practiced skills. It is carved exquisite. Good ornament in your house. If you are interested, please quickly bid. Welcome!! Such marvelous particular the amazing polish sublime handcrafted artistry. you can also present your good friend as a gift. it can help you understand chinese the jade silver history and culture. the value is large! you will marvel at foundry technic and concinnity made technics! the chance is rare, please rapidly bid it, Never miss it! Good luck! !
Thursday, January 6th, 2005
2:28 pm
I Yo Schmillo
and then §
there §
were §


love from
volva and bryan

hope that's correct. what a way to start the new year. now i'm cursed. CURSED i tell you. the sudafed is all gone. ALL GONE. pah. who needs it.
2:07 pm
swirling swirling
like ballerina
falling falling
down down

this is what came out of my first poetry writing class. mary beth and porscha seemed to really like it. they related to it and their failed dreams of being ballerinas to please their parents and then having deformed feet not suited to the life of a dancer. it took them each many years and many horse rides to overcome these problems. strong, strong girls.
Saturday, December 11th, 2004
2:40 pm
i've been hired by the cia to carry out covert ops in edinburgh. i will be disguising myself as a media studies student of edinburgh university, they said preferably a english southerner so i will definitely fit in. they have supplied me with a costume consisting of pashmina, rara skirt, expensive yet old looking bag, ugg-esque boots and a tweedy jacket. i have been taught to discuss the classless society in which we live, talk to everyone as though they are my best friends (invite confidence), drink bubbly and ride the white pony with the best of them. my mission is to encourage stupidity so attention is taken away from anything important, blair, global politics, etc., and focus on paying for tesco finest products, complaining about certain politicians weasiling the system of £38.40 (approximate number, i will ask the information for the exact amount the government paid to virgin trains) and squabble about fox hunting. so if you've not heard from me for a while, this is the reason. over and, like, out.
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
8:32 pm
you fucking idiots
what a fucking joke. the devil you know is better than the devil you don't? are you fucking kidding? kerry can't be trusted? in comparison to george w. bush, a man who has lied to all our faces for the past 4 years about everything? yes, you're right. kerry's eyes are too close together. hahahaha. about a mile wider than those of mr bush though. so you knew where bush stood and you didn't trust kerry. yes, we all knew that bush would in the next four years ban abortion, bring the christian religion into schools, stop stem cell research, invade how many other countries to fight 'terrorists' and pput how many more armed soldiers on the streets of america to scaremonger us into thinking we need him. good plan. good job you guys. absolutely spot on. a big fucking joke.
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
1:28 pm
so, scotland. that is correct. scotland.

thinking thinking thinking....nope.

there was just a discussion on bbc 4 about the use of language. in germany a whole new system of grammar has been introduced. though not completely different from the system used before, its different enough for publishing companies to need to write new dictionaries and books about grammar to help those not on the grammar team (kind of, who else sorts this stuff out? of course it is a grammar team who sits around a round grammar table with attachable tail. when the meeting is over the tail is removed. full stop). the old system had (if i remember correctly, probably not seeing it involves facts) 26 rules for apostrophies. the new only has 6. gunther grass refuses to have his books printed using the new system of grammar. rightly so. obviously i can't talk as my grammar and spelling are horrible, but it doesn't mean the english language rules should be made easier just for me to grasp the whole lot more firmly. when writing papers people actually read on a university or even school level spelling words willy nilly just is not on. there are rules in language to help communication. if one wishes to use language in a creative form (apart from writing creative things with correct spellings and the correct use of colons) by spelling things creatively and not using punctuation so be it, but the whole english speaking peoples should not be expected to follow this as well. this is nothing to do with the historical importance of words and grammar, though important. if everyone spelt how they felt words should be spelt (as one lady suggested) then none of us would understand each other, though feel great for allowing our creative sides out of their bracketed jail. not that it rilly matterz tho. rite?
Sunday, August 1st, 2004
11:56 pm
Who Knows
why do cheaper coffee establishments in new york overload beverages with sugar? is it because their clientele is supposedly lower class while gourmet coffee houses are reserved for a higher class? this is the only connection i can come up with. i remember having tea at a family friend's house with my father. as my father looked around another room the host asked how many sugars he took. i did not exactly know and said so, and the host said something along the lines of 'he's a construction worker, probably three or four.' i thought this was somewhat rude at the time but maybe there is some truth in it. when i worked in construction whenever there were breaks coffee with copious amounts of sugar would be drunk to help the donuts/cookies/muffins go down. but this is heavy labour, something which burned off the energy/calories of the sugar. what about the other people who frequent dunkin donuts, those who are not exactly blue collar workers? does this have something to do with why sainsbury's economy line is sometimes too sweet? though this is not acheived with sugar (too expensive?) but instead with sacherine (sp?). am i looking too much into this?

i have attempted (somewhat) to make friends in new york since i moved here aged 1 without much success, even after joining myspace and friendster (though i have become friends with two characters from dune. excellent i think. they shall definitely be invited to my wedding). i have not even moved to scotland yet and i already have some 'friends.' i use the word tentatively as perhaps if i do meet any of them they would find my internet persona to be so much....more? tres bizarre.
Friday, July 30th, 2004
11:39 pm
arabian poetry is quite a good read.
11:29 pm
a trendy reading list? who shapes what they read by what's popular? music is one thing, many people listen or claim to listen to what is popular. but to start to judge someone's level of hipness based on what they take out from the library is taking this crazy thing to new levels. maybe by using the word 'library' i have just been dismissed from all good society? should purchasing the book full price from an independent bookshop have been more down with the kids? are certain people bad or uninteresting because of their unability or lack of desire to keep up to the minute with pop culture or hipster culture? are those of us who read whatever looks interesting instead of what we should be seen reading on the train not as smart as those of us who automatically head for whatever book was seen more than once at the organic coffee shop? understandable is the fact that books on the best seller list might just have some worth behind them. if they were horribly written pieces of shite than not so many people would have bought and read them. the da vinci code, girl with a pearl earing, gallileo's daughter....all might have been extremely good books, i've yet to flick through the pages. someone told me my choices from the library weren't trendy today. i didn't go to the library intentionally to increase my social standing. i've never thought of books as fashion accessories before. kids these days. when i was young we wouldn't be seen dead with a book! 'you can read???i saw that book in your bag?'-'nu-uh! i can't read. i don't know what you talkin' bout,' and so on and so forth. now if you haven't read david sedaris and nick hornby and can't compare catcher in the rye to igby goes down i pity your soul in the pits of a williamsburg party. amen. what a disorganised rant. ridiculously pissed off am i. the nerve. hmf.
Thursday, July 29th, 2004
5:26 pm
ya hacho tatoorovkoo
that last post cleared up the date problem. the times have sorted themselves out. god's thumbs.

scotland is looking more welcoming as the days go by. i had better be careful. i might actually be happy there. even though the cardboard box is also looking to be my only option. only 15 days to go....

tattoos. i would like one. here are ideas (if you have any opinions or ideas, or if you have seen any of these already, please let me know, even if i don't actually know you):

1. silhouettes of trees in winter.
2. art deco skyline
3. 'spaghetti man ate my dreams'
4. a rather pretty but not sickly so drawing of dandilion leaves and a bud.
5. an art deco clock composed of numbers within circles formed into a circle.
6. an art deco train around my arm.
7. a self made art deco design, similar to stained glass, a touch mondrian only with a big circle at the center.
8. the outline of a few poppies.
9. the outlines of leaves, a touch like escher's pond with leaves on it.
10.a chess pawn. outline only.

everything in black ink only and predominantly line, no filling in. i have sketches of them all...don't want someone else's work completely on my back, so if you really are that interested i can show you. much appreciated.
Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
12:23 pm
i am unable to write in cyrillic on livejournal, though it is possible on yandex and myspace. i don't know why. for this reason i have to write the word i have a question about in latin....fishka....my belarussian friend said it and wasn't able to give me an example. does anyone know the meaning of this slang word? apart from playing card? she said it inreference to a person. or any other useful slang words?
Monday, December 22nd, 2003
1:39 am
The Turnip
girl thinks irritating voice she makes is cute

on the 1 train heading uptown on wednesday night rebecca polin chose to entertain her boyfriend with a "cute" voice. "rebecca makes these noises, i guess she thinks she like sounds cute, like a little kitten, but she really sounds like an 80 year old jewish man with hemmeroids."

other passangers on the conservatively busy midnight train could not help but over hear. "i heard her make a noise, maybe she said something. i wondered what was wrong with her voice, sounded like one of them vietnam veterans, with the boxes round they neck. her man looked embarassed." said fellow traveller shakisha morgan going home to her three kids.

this was not the first occurance of ms. polin's, 23, "cutesy pie" tonation. "i started talking like that occassionally when i was 7 with my little sister. we would pretend to be babies. she stopped when she decided she wanted to be a man but i thought the voice was so endearing i had to hold onto it, save it for special people and special occassions."

when asked if brian, rebecca's boyfriend of three months, had experienced the voice before they started dating he replied "no, i had no clue at all. the first time i heard her talk like that was our two month anniversary. she used it to tell me that i was special enough to deserve "the voice" and this meant that we could finally sleep together. if she only would have
said that normally everything would have been fine. i still slept with her but i had my doubts. i'm seriously thinking of dumping her if she keeps it up."

would rebecca ever consider dropping the voice? "no, why would i? its much to cute. everyone loves it!"
Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
7:59 pm
Come, Get Your Free Cone, Come, Get Your Free Cone
the last entry really does not exist as it has to be about as boring as listening to an old gay man sing show tunes while watching him steam 150 shirts, all of which are identical. pretty damned boring. actually, the previous entry is even more boring than just listening to him sing, or just watching him iron. anyway, happy summer to you all, and now to continue with more 'should be living in the duldrums' kind of fun...

just kidding.
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